Intelligent packaging solutions

Brodes GmbH is a company for innovative packaging solutions based on paper. Brodes GmbH was founded in August 2017 as the legal successor to Brodes AG / Switzerland.

The founding partners of Brodes AG developed the ideas for new innovative industrial packaging and implemented them in such a way that they form the basis for our solutions in the field of transport packaging made of paper. The patented system shows new ways for the international logistic process.

The basic product is angular, endlessly wound pipes made of paper and glue, which among other things can be produced from recycled paper and easily disposed of as waste paper. The standard products pallets, pallet covers and containers are made from the basic product, and individual solutions are also possible.

The systems for the production of these products consist of electronically connected and controlled individual systems. Technical development and construction of the machines is carried out by our 100% subsidiary Profiro GmbH.

Brodes GmbH is the exclusive license holder for the sale of angle coiled tube production systems. The company issues licenses for the production of angled winding tube products to the buyers of the corresponding production facilities. Brodes GmbH supports its customers in setting up the machines at their production sites.