About Us

About Us

We are showing our true colours

A brief look at history. The year is 1962, and Wolfgang Empting founds the company Empting Maschinenbau, which at the beginning specializes in the repair of ships and lorries.

But soon, in 1965, the processing of steel is added to the young company’s activities. New fields of endeavour such as the construction of cement silos, sand troughs, pilot-houses and work boats open up new opportunities. The company Empting Maschinenbau begins to grow steadily. At a time when the fishing fleet in Cuxhaven is doing a booming business, Wolfgang Empting expands the range of services offered to include the oil industry. But he soon realizes that he needs a professional from the oil business – Hans Bröring.

Left: Michael Bröring was born in 1961 and is a degree holding businessman that has been working in the company since 1988 as managing partner.
Right: Peter Bröring was born in 1964. He is a businessman and captain and has been working for the company since 1981, as managing partner since 1988.

The two men form a partnership and found the company Empting Mineralölhandel. In the following years, Wolfgang Empting and Hans Bröring work together as managing directors to secure the success of the company in the machine and oil business, making good use of their expert knowledge and commercial flair.

In 1988, Hans Bröring passed the torch of his life’s work on to us: Peter and Michael Bröring. A never-ending state of economic change in recent years has led to new challenges and new approaches which we have never hesitated to face. The results are a reason for us to be proud. Today, companies with widely varying fields of activity belong to our corporate combine and a total of 100 employees are on our team.