B.O.T – Bröring Oil Transport


B.O.T. Bröring Oil Transport

We transport fuels with our coastal tankers

The growing demands of supra-regional customers has led to an expansion of our customer base and thus to an expansion of our sales territory to include the entire North Sea and Baltic Sea area. To meet these growing demands, we had to become more flexible. This situation and our desire for independence from Cuxhaven as a fishing location prompted us to found the company B.O.T. Bröring Oil Transport in 1990.

This company currently owns two coastal tankers and two bunker barges which can fulfil your needs for bunker fuels of all types and specifications and are in operation around the clock. The coastal tankers – “Antares” (ca. 2400 mt) and “Capella” (ca. 1150 mt) – each of them has a 9 or 4 man crew.

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